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The beauty of small, intimate weddings & elopements

juni 19, 2017
Couple exchanging vows in Morocco Ourika

I am a firm believer of designing your own life, and to make this a little bit more specific & relevant, designing your own wedding. To choose your own path whether that is to follow or not-follow traditions based on your own preferences and not because you feel like you should. To invite those people you want and to fill in your day exactly to your needs an wishes.


Today I wanted to tell you about the beauty of small, intimate weddings or even elopements. The term elopement is not that widespread in Europe but the official meaning is to get married in secret, with just the two of you, or with just a few witnesses. Of course the variation is to get married without witnesses, but not necessarily in secret.


Ofcourse ‘small weddings’ is a rather subjective concept, but I’m talking about up to +/- 40 guests here, which are there with you to celebrate the day(s) from beginning to end. Some of these maybe Destination Weddings but of course these small weddings could just as easily be held in your own country. It’s these weddings where I feel most at home. It’s personal, there’s a high chance the guests that are there already know each other and in my opinion there’s usually just more time to enjoy quality time with your guests.


It’s the kind of wedding I dream about for myself some day… A small group of people, only the ones who know me best, the chance to make all the choices exactly how we like and to maximize the time to enjoy ourselves, maybe even stretching it to a few days instead of one. Enough playing fantasy wedding for now, you know how to reach me if you plan on throwing an amazing, intimate wedding and are looking for someone to capture the magic :-).

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